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Dr. Richard Norrish. BSc (Hons), DPsych Clin.

Clinical Psychologist

Richard is a Clinical Psychologist with about 20  years experience in counselling, as well as assessment and treatment of psychological issues. He has worked in general and psychiatric hospitals, university student counselling services and community support, providing group and individual counselling to a broad range of clients.


He is dedicated to helping clients identify recurring life patterns, foster self-development, manage distressing emotions, and identify and challenge negative thought patterns and behaviours. 


Richard helps clients understand the impact of development and early life experiences on current thoughts, feelings and behaviours. He encourages clients to develop new skills to promote change, including: managing distressing emotions more effectively, taking control of destructive patterns of behaviour, and applying mindfulness principles to enhance focus and motivation.


Richard has substantial experience working with chronic depression and anxiety, borderline personality disorder, trauma, addictions, and issues of attachment and life transitions, including cross-cultural and LGBTIQ+ communities. 


Richard has completed 7 years of approved training in psychology, including the following: 4 year undergraduate Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology, followed by a 3 years Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. The Doctorate includes 2 ½ years of internship training in varied psychiatric settings under the supervision of trained supervisors.

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